Written By EA3GCY

This section offers new equipment, parts, demo or used radio circuits almost cost price, in some cases at the same prices or below their original value.

I hope you find it useful some of these deals.

To make the purchase of any of these offers, PLEASE EMAIL-ME

Ref.- #1 
Yaesu FT-817ND + FNB-85 Battery + Charger.
New: 510€ VAT-IVA not included

Ref.- #2
QRP SPRINT 40M (OHR) Assembled (without manual or schematic)
1 pcs. Used. Operating: 60€

Ref.- #3 2SC1969 HF-CB 10pcs. New 45€

Ref.- #4 2SC2078 HF-CB 10pcs. New 25€

Ref.- #5 MRF644 25W UHF 1pcs. New 29,50€

Ref.- #6 MRF245 80W VHF 1pcs. New 24,50€

Ref.- #7 2N6084 40W VHF 1pcs. New 20,50€

Ref.- #8 MRF2628 15W VHF 1pcs. New 20,50€

Ref.- #9 125MHz 3.3V oscilador. 59pcs. Used. Tested 12€

Ref.- #10 NE602 Double-balanced mixer and oscillator. 20 pcs New 25€

Ref.- #11
PR2 - Broadband RF Preamplifier.
Broadband from 1 MHz to 1000 MHz, usable to 2000 MHz
New from DEMO: 40€