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Written By EA3GCY

To place an order, you must go to the product pages and click the "add to cart" button of the kits you want.
At the end you can place the order by following the steps on the Paypal page.
At any point, you can click on "view cart" to go to the Paypal order list.
Shipping costs appear later, when you log in Payal and his country is known.

All shipping by registered Airmail.
All prices VAT included.
NOW: Flate Rate for Shipping to Worldwide 12€ (until 3 kits)
As soon as I receive the payment, I'll send on acknowledgement.
Para los Envios A ESPAÑA: 7€ (después del pago se retornarán 5€ a su cuenta de Paypal)

The 5% of price be donated -  MSF or Cáritas.

Transferencia bancaria
Formulario de pedido para España 
5% Descuento
Bank transfer
Order form from outside Spain.
Only  EC countries.
5% Discount

Orders will be shipped on Wednesday-Thursday

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